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Excelente servicio! Compre el carro de mis sueños a un precio incomparable y sin ningún dolor de cabeza. Me llevaron mi carrito hermoso directamente a la puerta de mi caza y firme todos los documentos en mi sala. Yo super feliz y agradecida por tan buen servicio y por toda la información que me proveyó el señor Paul. Realmente quede encantada y super que recomiendo que contacten a Autostry si quieren comprar o lisiar un vehículo! Soy clienta de por vida!

I’m not one to leave reviews, but Autostry and Paul truly merit it. Habitual creature that I am, I’ve always gone into dealerships to lease my cars; but in this particular case, I was referred by a family member who’s previously purchased a vehicle from Autostry. I took the chance and reached out to Paul, to my surprise he was extremely knowledgeable and VERY patient (I’m a pain in the you know what). I had 3 different cars in mind and he provided quotes for them all about an hour after I initially reached out. I didn’t tell him of course, but I had already obtained some quotes (from several dealerships) prior to reaching out (who doesn’t want the best value for their money right?). Paul single handedly beat all the quotes I had already obtained! and not by $20 … I went with my choice of car and coordinated delivery for the following day. Delivery of the car was smooth. The gentleman who brought it to my house explained how to use some of the more modern buttons and gadgets, answered all my questions and I signed all documents in my living room; And just like that, I became a loyal, lifetime customer. Thanks Autostry!

The process was seamless! Never going into a dealership again. Thank you Paul and team for being so professional and informative!

Contacted Autostry on a Sunday morning and had my car in the driveway the same day .. blown away!

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle and are thinking about whether you should reach out to Autostry or not, save yourself some time and REACH OUT ASAP. You won’t regret it.

Why even go into a dealership to get harassed, and worst of all, after wasting an immense amount of time, get a terrible deal and have to leave home empty handed? Just go with the obvious choice. Autostry has a great team of very prepared individuals. I got an extraordinary deal and my car was delivered the same day.

5 star service across the board. Autostry does what it promises. My go-to luxury car shopping concierge.